Online Mastering

Online Mastering


Have your track mastered by a professionel engineer, and get the best result for your final format.


1. Upload file

2. Mix Check

3. Recieve your final Master


What you need to to:


- We only accept Wav or AIFF files at 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96KHz ; 16 or 24 bit audio files.


- We cannot accept DAW sessions (i.e Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase etc).


- Please supply us with mono or stereo files, clearly named and without audio clipping.


- Please ensure that you upload the correct audio files. You will be promted to confirm that you have checked the 'uploaded files list' befor proceeding to the checkout.


- Leave headroom on the audio tracks, as any clipping/distortion cannot be removed in the mix session.

-6dBFs peaks will make a big positive difference for the final result.


- Supply us with good and logical written information about the session. A commercially released reference song as a guideline for the final result, is most welcome. These tracks can be added on the set up job page.


- Decide in advance the sequence of the songs.


- Either you can do all the In/Out fades yourself, or leave it up to us.


- If special attention have to be made regarding the pauses between the songs, please be informative about that.

'It could be the case if all songs have to fade In and out of each other, or different timing are required'.


- Please supply ud with a valid series of ISRC codes, that can be added to the final DDP master.


- Please supply us with a valid title list for the actual CD texting.


- Do not assume that section edits within the arrangement of a song is a part of a normal Mastering session.


What Grapehouse Studios will deliver to you:


- Under normal conditions, the turnaround time is around 10 working days. However, if the requested job is ordered during very busy studio bookings in Grapehouse studios, it might be a longer delivery time. If that should be the case, you will be informed, so you can have the option to cancel the job and receive a refund.


- One revision is included in the price. Please ensure to inform Grapehouse studios within 24 hours of mix delivery if you require a revision. Later and more enquiries will be charged as a new Mastering job.

Our definition of a revision is a reasonable number of minor tweaks to levels or Equalizing elements in the mix, e.g “bring the overall brigthness of the the track up or down” or “add more boom to the entire track”. “Make more overall compression” Major changes in direction will not be accepted as a revision, and will be treated as a new job. This is why we strongly encourage clients to provide as much written instruction as possible, along with a commercially released reference song.


You will receive:


- Limited 'listening' copy at 44.1/16bit

DDP master at 44.1KHz sample rate and 16 bit depth

NB: If other final format is needed please let us know before beginning of session!

- The standard procedure for storage of client files on our ftp server will be limited to 2 month after the date of delivery. After that they will be deleted. Please make sure to make proper backup of your mix files.


Uploading and payment:


- Payment: When you are booking Online Master, you'll recieve an invoice with payment information. Bank account information


- Uploading files: When we have recieved your payment, you'll recive an email with a folder where you can to upload your files. Don't worry, there will be a guide included in the email.


- As you won't be present during Mastering, it is crucial for us to have as much information as possible about your expectations for the final product, in order for the engineer to make the best final Master. Please send us your ideas i.e. "I really like the low end on the new Arctic Monkeys record" or "The master needs to sound very olschool".



NB: by clicking here you accept our online guideline/terms and conditions!


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