Online Mixing

Online Mixing


Your oppertunity for a professional sounding mix


1. Upload audiofiles (Please make sure of reading read our formatguidelines)

2. Mix Setup

3. Final Mix

Grapehouse Studio has a long history of combining traditional sessions with a modern approach. Due to the modern fast digital datatransfer it is now possible for musicians, artists and producers all over the world, to get their records mixed by one of our experienced engineers using classic analog outboard gear and latest digital technology.



Online Mix Guidelines


What you need to do:


- We only accept Wav or AIFF files at 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96KHz ; 16 or 24 bit audio files.


- We cannot accept DAW sessions (i.e Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase etc).


- Please supply us with mono or stereo files, clearly named and without audio clipping.

Stereo files will be counted as 2 tracks of audio, for example 'Strings L&R' will be counted as 2 tracks.


- Your supplied multi-tracks have to be consolidated or bounced from the start point of your song

(bar 1 beat 1 or start time code). All files must be of the same duration, sample rate and bit depth.


- It is your responsibility to ensure the multi-tracks provided are ready for mixing.

Please do not assume that any major tuning or timing issues will be automatically resolved.

Please avoid plugins – Midi tracks and Softsynths. These you have to convert to audio tracks.


- There is a 48 multi-track limit. A track cannot share different sounds/instruments.


- Ensure that Bounced stereo track with etc. Vocal mixdowns have the correct balance and pannings.


- Please ensure that you upload all the correct audio files. You will be promted to confirm that you have checked the 'uploaded files list' befor proceeding to the checkout.


- We request that multi-track files are supplied dry, without reverb or effects. However, if you feel a specific effect, processing, or creative element (such as filter sweeps, delays etc) is an integral part of the sound, please provide the processed version plus a 'dry safety' version.


- Leave headroom on the audio tracks, as any clipping/distortion cannot be removed in the mix session.


- Supply us with good and logical written information about the session. A rough cuemix or a commercially released reference song as a guideline for the final result, is most welcome. These tracks can be added on the set up job page.


What Grapehouse Studios will deliver to you:


- Under normal conditions, the turnaround time is around 10 working days. However, if the requested job is ordered during very busy studio bookings in Grapehouse studios, it might be a longer delivery time. If that should be the case, you will be informed, so you can have the option to cancel the job and receive a refund.


- One mix revision is included in the price. Please ensure to inform Grapehouse studios within 24 hours of mix delivery if you require a revision. Later and more enquiries will be charged as a new mix job.

Our definition of a mix revision is a reasonable number of minor tweaks to levels or sonic elements witin the mix, e.g “bring the reverb on the vocal down, bring the level of the guitar solo up” or “add more boom to the kick drum, the acoustic guitar is to bright”. Major changes in direction will not be accepted as a mix revision, and will be treated as a new job. This is why we strongly encourage clients to provide as much written instruction as possible, along with a rough mix and commercially released reference song.


You will receive:


- Limited 'listening' copy at 44.1/16bit

Unlimited mix master at original sample rate and bit depth

The standard procedure for storage of client files on our server will be limited to 2 month after the date of delivery. After that they will be deleted. Please make sure to make proper backup of your mix files.


Uploading and payment:


- Payment: When you are booking Online mixing, you'll recieve an invoice with payment information. Bank account information


- Uploading files: When we have recieved your payment, you'll recive an email with a folder where you can to upload your files. Don't worry, there will be a guide included in the email.


- As you won't be present during mixing, it is crucial for us to have as much information as possible about your expectations for the final product, in order for the engineer to make the best mix. Please send us your ideas i.e. "I really like the low end on the new Arctic Monkeys record" or "the vocal needs to be distorted and the drums needs some slap delay". If you're having a premix, please send it to us and tell us, what you don't like about it or what needs some extra attention.




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