Terms and Conditions - Online Mixing


Terms and Conditions for online mixing


- You will as a client be solely responsible for the origin-copyright or any law issue connected to the ownership of the up loaded audio files. Conflicts in ownership or origin shall not be connected as a law issue to Grapehouse Studios.


- Grapehouse Studios have the right at any time to reject or delete files the violates normal behavior- content.


- Grapehouse Studios have the right to change terms of condition on the entire Grapehouse web site, witout any further notice.


- Be sure that you not are uploading files infected with virus – worms -trojan horses or other harmfull data.

You will be held responsible for any injury of Grapehouse Studios servers and other equipment caused by this kind of infections.


- If uploaded files do not comply with the terms of conditions and the Guide lines for creating a Online mix job, these files will be deleted by Grapehouse Studios without further notice.



NB: by booking online mixing, you agree to our terms and conditions! You also accept to follow our mixing guidelines!


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