The Grapehouse Studios building has hosted danish and international artists since the late 1960's

It started out as a rehearsal space for some of the more experimenting bands in Denmark

Later that turned in to a studio and in the 1980's   'Hook Farm Studio' saw the light of day and kept going until the studio was taken over by Producer Nick Foss, Rene Cambony and Rune Nissen Pedersen

Through the years legendary albums such as the first two Dizzy Mizz Lizzy albums, Tim Christensens first three studio albums, 'Solkongen' by Minds of 99, 'El Camino' by Thomas Helmig, 'Closer Than Veins' Outlandish, Liss 'First' and 'Third', 'The Second You Sleep' by Saybia, 'Soft Dogs' by D-A-D and so many more has been recorded in our studio A

No other studio in Denmark has the same pedigree and vibe as this historic studio 


We believe that every project is different and have different needs 

Please contact us to get a final rate for your session



Grapehouse has recorded thousands of artsts and take great pride in fufilling the artists- producers- or the A&Rs needs



The studio A's control room is a joy to mix in

Tons of analog gear and a great listening space makes this studio perfect for mixing and mastering


Due to our great passion for tapemachines, we do make tape transfers 


If we can help in any other way let os know


Christian Alex Petersen

Mixer, Producer, Engineer

Christian is one of the premier recording and mixing engineers in CPH today

He can be found in studio A recording and mixing all sorts of artists, from some of the greatest danish rockbands such as MEW, BABY IN VAIN, DIZZY MIZZ LIZZY to hitmaking popartists such as Scarlet Pleasure, Lukas Graham and Liss 

With award winning artists in a varity of genres, Christians ability to adapt and contribute to any session is one of his key strenghts.