We provide a variety of services and our great staff will do the utmost to accommodate our clients various needs.

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- Recording

Grapehouse has for more than four decades provided top-class recordings, from national and international artists, in a creativ and inspiring environment.

Whatever you want to record to analog tape or digital formats, Grapehouse Studios handles it. Running 24 track Otari mx80 2" Tapemachine or Pro Tools HDX12 with access to tons of outboard gear

- Mixing

We have two mix facilities to accommodate the need for analog digital mixing. Studio A is based around our 48 channel SSL 4000G console with a great variaty of outboard gear, which gives you all opportunities to achieve the desired sound.

Studio B is based around Pro Tools 10 with a Danfield summingamp and different flavours of outbard, which gives a very fast workflow, and recall with ease.

Our mixing engineers have years of experience and provide a professional mix service. Please ask for reference.

- Mastering

Grapehouse Studios takes mastering very seriously, and through experience we'll make sure your final master fits your media of choice. Running DSP Quattro, Antelope Master Clocking for our converters.


- For vinyl / LP

We do mastering for vinyl, which needs a great deal of experience and care. Please Ask for Reference

- Online Mixing/Mastering

We offer online mixing and mastering. Just opload your track, stems or multitrack. Note: all multitrack must be bounced as audiofiles without effect(unless vital for track).

For online mixing or mastering click here!

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