Control Room

Our Control Room is based around our Solid State Logic 4000G Series Console fitted with Automan Efforts modern Automation. You'll have access to a Neve PSM sidecar, and 48 i/o Pro tools HDX 10 or Otari MX80 2" 24 multi track.

A lot of our clients favorite spot for listening.

A great controlroom needs good monitoring, and we use: Genelec 1039A Mains, Barefoot MicroMains 27 mkII, Amphion One18, Yamaha NS10 and our highly valued Auratones

Combined with a great variety of outboard gear from:

Chandler limited, GML Massenburg, Tube Tech, Focusrite, Klein Hummel, Urei, Empirical Labs, Manley, Kush, NP, Danfield Audio, Valley people, SPL, Neumann, GrapeTech Designs, Bricasti, Lexicon, AMS, EMT Plates, TC Electronixs, Klark, Eventide, DBX, Roland, Yamaha, Thermonic, Aphex, Drawnmer.

Please ask for complete list.

Gammel Kongevej 47b, 1610 Copenhagen V         CVR: 35 74 51 73         Phone: (+45) 40 57 39 27         E-mail: