Creative Lab

The Grapehouse Creative Lab is located in the legendary Grapehouse Recording Studio in the middle of a vibrant hub in Copenhagen 

The Lab is our way to open up our facility to more than album/record making

The space is ideal for recording & mixing audio for any type of production whether it being LCR, ADR, TV dubbing, VR audio/installation, Music Video, PODCASTS, Virtuel conference and It can even function as a gallery for selected artits

Only your imagination is the limit for the space


Our Studio A has 4 Rooms all available for seperate booking 

Our Control Room has a huge seletion of gear and is a great listening space. Perfect for mixing music, TV series & more. It is spacious, and can house up to 10 people for a listening session

we gonna move up to 5.1 surround late summer 2021

Our Large Room is around 45 sqm and can be used for recording theater, music videos, VR, speak, music for film, podcasts, virtual conference and private listening sessions

Our IsoSuite is connected to our live room and has connection to the vocal booth as well which makes it perfect as a control room on its own or as an isolation booth for the larger room. 

In connection with the Vocal booth it is great for voice-over, ADR and similiar tasks

Studio B is our home for VR mixing and other mixing tasks

It is spacious and bright & there is a good space for hanging if you have a client with you

It is 35 sqm

Vocal booth is comming fall 2021


The point if The Creative Lab is that our studio will be available on an hourly rate on each room making

which will make it accessible for more content makers

Studie A lockout              1200 dkk/hour

Control Room A                 800 ddk/hour

Live Room                        800 ddk/hour

IsoSuite A + vocal booth     600 ddk/hour

Studio B                           600 ddk/day

All rates are subject to 25%VAT

please contact us for your project